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New Birthday Cards on Etsy!

Greetings Malefactors! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. The sun is sorta out, the breeze is nice and warm, and my sweet baby dog seems to be recovering from his latest injuries. What more could you want?

I wanted to show off some new birthday cards I put up in my etsy store. I’m really excited about them. The hardest part of designing stuff for fun is that waiting period between finishing the design and finally seeing the finished product. There’s printing, cutting, buying supplies, styling the photos and then uploading the photos, posting on the etsy site and then they’re there! Waiting to be looked at. It’s so much fun. I’m such a nerd.

So these are my super fun happy silly cards with gradients, sprinkles, coral, yellow, blue and black. They are printed on 12pt gloss cover stock, come with a robin’s egg blue envelope, and a neon yellow circle envelope seal. They’re $5 CAD each plus shipping. You might as well buy them all and then you never have to worry about birthday cards for a couple of months, right? Just make sure you don’t give the “old” ones to anyone sensitive, it might ruin the day.

You can purchase them here. Thanks for looking!

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