Moon Necklaces – New Jewellery in my Etsy Shop!

Hello there,

Happy weekend to you! Hope it’s been a nice one, and if you’re outside of Winnipeg the weather co-operated. I know that if you’re in Winnipeg you will have turned into a puddle of skin from the heat. Puddle of skin, maybe the grossest thing I’ve ever written. Hard to say.

Anyways, I’ve been working on something new for weeks. Waiting for all the supplies to come in the mail, humming and hawing over the colours, the packaging, the design. It’s fun! But I’m also happy the day has finally come when I can show these off. I’ve made a series of 4 different necklaces inspired by the moon. Yes, the moon. Old Luna Bell floating around the darkened sky, being creepy and made of cheese and faces. I’m on a roll for creepy descriptions.

While I’m rambling I might as well tell this story because sometimes I like to tell stories and it’s been a very quiet weekend. When I was in Brownies me and my mom, and my neighbour and her kid who will remain nameless went on a camping trip. This is the first and last “camping” trip I’ve ever taken, and we basically slept in a huge wooden cabin, so I don’t even think it counts. Anyways, we were driving in the car and the girl I was with started crying and freaking out because she thought the moon was following the car. We must have been 8 or 9, so it was absurd. I probably made this face:

blonde kid squinting

Back to the necklaces! So they’re available here, for $23 CAD + shipping.

Here’s the description from my etsy page, so I don’t have to write it twice:
“A series of 4 lovely, bright, and exciting necklaces inspired by the moon. Each one is uniquely made with the paint splatters different on each bead. Colours used are light lilac purple, light powder blue, neon red, and warm light peach.

4 styles to choose from, please see the image with the titles when choosing.

Spaced Out – 2 large cylander beads, 4 round beads, 2 half moon beads. On a neon yellow cord

Totally Phased – inspired by the changing of the moon in it’s phases. 4 half moon beads, one round bead, on a neon yellow cord

Later Crater – One large flat bead with 4 half moon beads, on a neon red cord

Sky High – 3 smaller flat beads with 2 round beads, on a neon red cord

Necklaces come nicely packaged in their own card and plastic sleeve.”

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