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Fresh Finds Friday – Parima Studio

fresh finds friday

TGIF! I probably start every FFF blog with that? I can’t remember, if I do, I’m not sorry. I’ve taken the day off from work and am chilling like a villain relaxing in my newly painted sunroom inhaling the intoxicating aroma of fresh cut grass mixed with Saskatchewan forest fires.

The person I’m featuring this week is named Patricia Vargas, the lady behind Parima Studio. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of splashy watercolour and acrylic looking abstract paintings that have made their way into interior design. Whether through paintings, prints, or textiles. I love it, they’re fun, full of movement, and exciting. Her work is really incredible, the colours are gorgeous, and they create a calm feeling. I’ve personally got two pillow case covers on their way to my home from Society6 as we speak.

What’s especially amazing about her work is that it IS available on Society6 which means it’s super affordable, I don’t know about you, but budgets are always tight. I can admire a $300 set of candles until the cows come home but there’s a 0% chance I will ever be able to spend money like that. So finding something beautiful that I can actually afford is really exciting.

Here are a few of my favourite picks from Society6, she also has a website you can purchase original paintings from at parimastudio.com

black pink gold iphone case

Love the colours on this iphone case, the great thing about her work is that it translates so well onto different mediums. Really lovely. This can be bought here.

dotty art print abstract painting pastel colours

This piece is called Dotty, and starts at $18 CAD! So afforable, and so pretty. For some reason the colours and the dots remind me of the inside of a papaya, so tropical and fun. You can buy this print here.

Forty Four tote bag acrylic abstract pastel by Patricia Vargas

You could walk around with this tote bag being a walking art gallery, which sounds like fun to me! I wish all totes were this pretty. Available here.

Anita by Patricia Vargas abstract painting pillow case

These colours are SO BEAUTIFUL. Subtle, but with a little hint of poppy red. Love it. I’ve seen similar styled pillows for upwards of $200, this one starts at $20. Get out of here.

Here stuff is all very amazing, make sure to check out her whole Society6 page. And make sure to reblog, facebook, twitter, & pin this post and get her work exposed. Artists helping artists, it’s a beautiful thing!

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