Fresh Friday Finds

Fresh Friday Finds – Olis Cupboard on Etsy

fresh finds friday

Happy Friday to you! Gosh if there’s anything better than a Friday in the summer, I don’t know what it is. Maybe a Friday in the summer that’s also pay day, I’m on vacation, and I also have access to a patio. Ok, so that’s the best case scenario.

Anyways, without getting into much more of a long Friday fantasy list I wanted to show off some ceramic work by Oli Divisova who runs a shop on etsy called Olis Cupboard on etsy, you can visit it here. I love little knick knacks you store special things all around the house in, if you’ve ever been into my house you know that there’s a lot of little dishes, bowls, boxes, and bits and bobs holding other bits and bobs, it’s my way. I am also into the cactus trend. They’re super cool looking, spiky, and they remind me of summer. As far as plants go they’re probably the most bad ass, maybe second to venus fly traps. Anyways Olis Cupboard has a bunch of nice modern sleek and trendy ceramics shaped like cacti and other prickly customers. Take a look at my favourites below:

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