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Death by Coffee

I had another funny thought I wanted to put into a design the other day. This one is about how much coffee I drink. I’m a pretty low energy type of person, prefer to sit around, or wander around slowly than go skydiving. Movies are my jam. Staring out a window is pretty sweet (especially since I’m like crack to mosquitos). You know? I like to chilllll.

But unfortunately the world needs me to be productive and do things. Things like moving and thinking and being efficient and getting things done, and it’s hard, because deep down in my heart this is me:

lazy sloth

A lot of my normal day is me reminding myself that I will get to sleep soon.

But to get through the day I require coffee, 1 because it wakes me up, 2 because it tastes good, 3 because it gives me something to look forward to. Sometimes I drink so much coffee and so little water it feels like my organs are pickling themselves. It’s not good, but sometimes it’s just easier not to act like an adult.

So someday I might die from too much coffee, and you might, too. I made this fun little print to represent this, available on my etsy page and my Society6 page, check it out!

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