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Fortune Teller Art Print

I’ve always wanted to go to a fortune teller, whether with a crystal ball, tarot cards, tea leaves, palm reading, whatever! I think it would be super fun, and I’m pretty easy to convince of things, so I’d probably get super into it.

I made a print because I had something pop into my head that was funny, and it’s was the most honest and truthful fortune anyone could ever give. You don’t even need to know what an upside hangman means (I think that’s one of the tarot cards).

This print is exclusive to Society6 because their printing methods are better suited for this design than the ones I can do myself, so to make sure it looks truly awesome in all it’s gradient, film grain, transparency goodness I’ve made it available only through my Society6 shop. I added some close up shots so you can see the gradient grainy retro feeling fun.

Take a look, it’s pretty cute! Also, sorry about the fortune…

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