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Kung Fury

Have you watched the short film Kung Fury yet? If not, what are you waiting for? It’s got literally everything in it. I kind of feel like now that I’ve seen it I don’t need to watch any more movies, because what could they possibly offer me?

The thing I love almost as much as movies is the fan art that comes out of it. Some people might say that, oh that’s copyright, which is fair, but imagine if people didn’t create things based on other things. Isn’t that how people get inspiration? I think if you’re a real artist (I’m looking at YOU, Taylor Swift), you get joy out of how much people enjoy your work, and in turn get inspired by other people’s work. Now, that being said there’s a fine line between being inspired and just stealing other people’s work. The line also is blurred when it comes to stealing small artists work by big corporations, that’s just straight up bad. I think a reasonable person can distinguish the difference.

So post-rant what I’m trying to say is I love fan art! I’m a fan, a real big fan of a lot of things! Including Kung Fury! I haven’t made anything based off the movie, but others have, and I want to share the joy. Check it out:

kung fury fan art by danny haas

This one is called Tank You and is by Danny Haas, it’s available to purchase here. 

kung fury fan art by PotteringAbout on Deviant Art

PotteringAbout on Deviant Art came up with this cool poster, view the original post here. 

kung fury EPIC t-shirt by CycoThreads on Etsy

Wear your fandom with this Kung Fury fan art t-shirt by CycoThreads on etsy. 

Welcome to the Internet Kung Fury Fan Art poster by sharpwriter on etsy

Whooooaaa, I think this poster by sharpwriter on etsy hits the nail on the head with the awesome graphics from the movie. Buy it here.

kung fury soundtrack

Of course buy some stuff from the actual movie makers, they did a fantastic job and deserve the support! Buy the vinyl soundtrack on the movie’s website here. 

kung fury official baseball tshirt

Also from the official store a Kung Fury Baseball tee, buy it here. 

If you find anything else awesome that should be featured let me know in the comments!

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