Fresh Friday Finds

Fresh Finds Friday – Mike Wrobel

fresh finds friday

I decided that I need to get back to promoting other people’s work more frequently. My website is no hub of curated design and art, and it does’t get a million visits, but through sharing on my website it makes another way for artists and designers to be found. Make sure when you see these “fresh finds” you share them on Pinterest and Facebook and get these hardworking and creative people some dollar bills in their pockets. I know it’s a tough gig to get your work in front of people’s eyes, there’s a ton of people out there, so why not just give an extra little push.

I’ll be mostly sourcing through etsy, pinterest, and society6, but if you see something that you think needs some props and my website would be a good way to promote then just shoot me an email: kristenlourie (at) hotmail (dot) com

This week I picked an artists I stumbled upon on Society6 and I think it super fun and great. His name is Mike Wrobel, you can check out his Tumblr here, or his Society6 page here. His style is super bright and simple and modern, he’s got a really great pop-art-like style, and from what I can tell pretty great taste in movies. He managed to capture a large amount of my most favourite movies, favourite actors and lead male characters, all he needs to work on next is Grand Budapest, Rambo, Predator and Point Break.

Take a look at some of my favourites:

Remember to pin, share, reblog, facebook, twitter and all that other good stuff 😉


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