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I Love My Pomeranian

It’s as simple as that. I love my pom. He’s the best. If you don’t know about my pom he’s 5 years old, named Gomez Napoleon. His hobbies include: sleeping, playing, smelling things, eating things off the ground he shouldn’t eat, licking the wall, and cuddling.

I draw many pictures of Gomez because he’s my favourite thing to look at. Pomeranians are really hard to draw because they’re a bunch of circles, and when you’re done sometimes it looks like a tribble. I decided today that I MUST make a print about how much pom owners love their poms. There are quite a few prints out there declaring love for pomeranians, but none of them are really “my style”. So I started with a drawing. Gomez is a world class ball player, he does jumps in the air and flies at the ball like a champion, so I wanted to draw a pom jumping and twisting the way sweet baby G does.

Started with this sketch:

pomeranian drawing sketch

Took it into illustrator and thought “It needs to be puffier” so I traced it a little fluffier. Added some watercolour texture, added some text and bingo, pom print.

i love my pomeranian illustrated print

If you like it you can buy the 8″x10″ print on my etsy store here. Or you can buy bigger prints, tote bags, mugs, and more stuff from my Society6 page here. 

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