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Hello there!

The weather has dipped down a little bit here making it a little chilly, but the plants are still coming up and the trees and budding and flowers are blossoming. It’s really lovely. Everything is turning green and pretty. I love spring, for so many obvious reasons including leaving the house without being in pain from the cold (yes, I am one of those Canadians that will not embrace the cold, sorry)

Getting warmer means we’re slowly transitioning to summer! Hooray! And cabin season! I’m so excited to head back to Clear Lake, even though where our cabin is located is getting overhauled with tons of new lots which equals more bone heads per square mile, but that’s progress. Cutting down trees and destroying nature and a sense of calm in the name of more money for people who are probably soaking themselves in a pool of liquid money (gold? orange juice? orange juice is expensive)

Anyways, I digress, I made a new print a little while ago using a photo from Riding Mountain National Park on the old abandoned highway that runs along Clear Lake. It’s now a walking / bike path and is really lovely. It’s a long shaded stretch of pavement that runs from the edge of the lake all the way to the East shore of Clear Lake where the wishing well and golf course are. It’s really beautiful. If you get to visit Wasagaming I would suggest you rent a bike and take it for a trek.

So the photo in the background I took myself of the old highway with the words “Go Explore” on top of it. I’m not much of an outdoors-woman, but I do like a nice walk / bike ride away from people and traffic and all those other annoying things.

If you want a copy of the print you can still get free shipping until May 10 on my Society6 page by using this special link.

Thanks for looking!

go explore clear lake manitoba print by Kristen Lourie

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