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You Are Enough


Here’s a new design I made that has nothing to do with warmth, the beach, the cabin, sun or sea. This one is dedicated to the people who wake up every day and feel bad about themselves. It’s a bummer of a subject, but I know from reading articles that women, at least, have very low opinions of themselves. This is something that really makes me sad. To live your life thinking that you aren’t enough. Even when you’re doing great things, you’re still not smart enough, thin enough, talented enough, pretty enough, determined enough, anything enough. And the truth is that when you think like this you will never be enough. There’s no level of pretty, thin, or accomplished you can get to that will finally shut these thoughts down.

I see this in myself, and I see this in the people around me. They diminish their accomplishments by thinking about the things they could have done better. I think as sappy as it is, sometimes we just need to stop comparing ourselves to other people, and look at ourselves through someone elses’ lens. From a young age we’re taught to compete and want what others have, but I think we need to retrain ourselves. I know so many great, talented, funny, and all around awesome people and I see them struggle with things that they think they could do better. They can’t see how wonderful they are because the thought of being different than they are overwhelms them.

I hope that in the future we can teach ourselves and kids, so that future generations can’t get over this obsession, that we are enough. We are who we are supposed to be, and we shouldn’t waste our time on earth trying to be something you’re not. Self-improvement is great, but remember to live your life while you’re trying to shed those last 10 pounds. Right?? What goes along with this is the negative things that surround us in the media: the constant barrage of photoshopped celebrities needs to stop. It’s gone beyond crazy. If you need to photoshop beyonce’s thighs we’ve gone too far.

Anyways, a bit of a rant, but I hope you agree. I hope that if you’re one of the people who is obsessed with changing themselves to be something else you can recognize it in yourself and make a conscious effort to becoming emotionally aware of who you are, and know that you’re pretty great the way you are.

Well, with all this said, I made a design that speaks to this, available here.

And remember: you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you. – maybe that will be on the next one 😉

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