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Happy To Be In Wasagaming

More daydreaming this week with a design based on one of the loveliest places on earth, Wasagaming, Manitoba. Also known as Clear Lake within Riding Mountain National Park – Wasagaming is a small little town with a few shops, restaurants, a movie theatre, and most importantly a couple of ice cream shops. It’s on Clear Lake, which is a big blue lake surrounded by huge evergreen trees and a trail that skirts the lake. The narrow path along the lake has docks every 30 feet or so that are perfect for laying around in the sun. If you walk far enough from Wasagaming along the lake you’ll end up on the old abandoned highway, which is a long road that leads to a small docking beach and the golf course / wishing well. That is more of a bike ride, speaking from experience.

It’s beautiful, and I can’t wait to go back this summer.

With all that said I’ve designed a print using a photo I took there last year, expressing how happy you’ll be in Wasagaming! Ahh summer is just a few months away…

If you’re interested in buying a Wasagaming print you can buy it on my etsy page here, or on my Society6 page here.

wasagaming manitoba clear lake print by Kristen Lourie

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