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Nostalgia for the 1990s

I hated the 1990s. They were tacky and awful (think Ross hair, and high-waisted jeans, More Than Words by Mr. Big). But I spent my formative years in them, and there are bits of them that I am slowly becoming reminiscent about.

I spent a lot of my childhood years in the 1980s loving the neon colours and super abstract patterns. That was a lot of fun, some of that fun drifted through the 1990s as well.

I’ve compiled some cute stuff that’s just the right amount of 80’s – 90’s fun without wanting you to go to Randy River and burning all the ribbed sweaters with singular lines across them. Don’t act like you don’t remember them.

1990s inspired print by Steven Toang

Shapes were so big in the 1980’s and 1990’s. This print is new and pretty much sums up textbook covers from that time. Buy it here.

1980s turquoise wave hair barette

Why was everything so dang wavy?? Also remember when purple and turquoise were the colours? I do. And my sister does, because it was all over her wallpapered room. You can buy this lovely hair barrette here.

Step 1: get a new iPhone, Step 2: buy an iPhone case from The Small Print on Etsy.

santo domingo workshop kobalt silk scarf 1990s pattern

This is a NEW scarf made by Santo Domino out of France. You can buy it on their etsy page. This may be a payday purchase…

totally radical backpack

Oh, splatter paint? That’s totally radical. Also the colours are a little more wearable for 2015, I think. Buy it from BagDoRi here.

point break they only live to get radical

Of course I have to pimp my own stuff, right? This is totally 1990’s inspired by the movie Point Break. You can buy this on my Society6 page here.

addams family print

This one isn’t done in the 1990’s style, but if you’re like me you love The Addams Family movie from the 90’s! So wonderful. This print is amazing and is done by ¬†Quyen Dinh, her shop on etsy is here.

Have a tubular day, dudes.

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