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No Hurries No Worries

I’m back from California! Sadly it is snowing. It’s been a tough reacclimatization period these last few days. Before I left it was hovering in the +10’s Celsius I believe, the day after I got back it was snowing. Ahhh, well.

I had a really wonderful time in California, travelling around the OC, staying in Newport Beach (which is heaven on Earth), being silly at Disneyland, getting lost in Los Angeles, and eating carrot cake in Hollywood. I can’t wait to go back.

While I was there I came across a little nicknack that said “No Hurries No Worries” and I loved the sentiment. I don’t know if I can say that all people in California are more laid back, but the ones I met sure were. So polite, and friendly. I guess that’s what people are like when they aren’t always fighting to stay warm.

I designed a few little things for my Society6 page based on that. I made the background image resemble a blurry sunset, with simple and modern typography overlaid in white. I also gave the design a lot of white space so that the colours weren’t overwhelming.

You can check out my design on Society6 here. Also, until April 12 you can get free worldwide shipping on most items using this special link here. Visit the site for restrictions.

Thanks for stopping by!

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