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Summer On My Mind

It may be daylight savings, it may be my current obsession with neon, it may be my upcoming trip to California, or it may be that I’m just completely fed up with wearing boots and a heavy winter coat everywhere, but I’ve got summer-brain.

I seem to have completely skipped over spring, which is actually my favourite season. It must be that at the end of the month I will be sweating and getting sun-burned. I don’t even remember how to dress for nice weather. Do I wear pants? or?

Anyways, which that I’ve curated some sweet summer stuff for you all to fantasize with me. Someday, it will be hot.

Watermelon by Georgiana Paraschiv

Bright, sunny, and cute-sy watermelon print by Georgiana Paraschiv. Buy it here.

light pink leather sandal

A lil out of my price range, but super simple and cute. Buy here.

crystal point necklace turquoise agate

Blue agate: like the ocean, or a sea, or lake or something. The type of body of water that isn’t currently full of ice jams. Buy it here. 

fabric headband head wrap

Perfect for when your bangs are doing something stupid, like they always are. Amirite? Buy it here.

neon pink ice watch

Neon pink watch would look great with a tan, so bring it out in late August if you live in Manitoba. Buy it here.

neon green nail polish

Gonna look so rad with that watch and tan. Buy it here.

point break tshirt patrick swayze

Obviously you need one of these. Buy it here.

point break they only live to get radical

And last but not least the super 1990’s radical tote bag design by yours truly on Society6, buy it here.

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