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New Prints, Totes and Mugs at Society6!

Hey y’all!

Hope everyone out there is keeping warm. I don’t know where you’re from, but here in Winnipeg it is really really really cold. Like Ice-Ice-Baby-Cold. Like Ice-Cube-and-Ice-T-shaking-hands-in-a-freezer cold. Like Dr. Freeze-eating-an-icream-cone-on-an-iceberg cold. You know? Pretty unbearable. But, it can’t last forever, right?

I got to put together some new illustrations for my Society6 shop.

I was inspired by my pill holder that is shaped like a giant pill and is really cute. It reminds me of The Avengers for some reason, the old 1960’s British tv show Avengers, not the new superhero movie. I feel like there was an episode with lots of giant ordinary objects, or maybe I’m remembering an odd dream, it’s hard to say sometimes.

Anyways, check them out. They’re super modern, sort of pop-art like, really graphic and kinda cute. Available in pillow cases, mugs, tote bags, prints and more!

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