Feeling Lazy?

Who isn’t! I just listed a series of hand-painted Particle Party necklaces on my etsy shop! What does this have to be with being lazy you might ask? Well, here’s what I’m thinking. If you have to buy something for Valentine’s Day why not get it all at the same place, and the best part is you can order it off the internet while watching the Super Bowl. Your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/mistress/mister will be all like “wow look at what great taste they have” and like “they’re so thoughtful” yadda yadda and you barely did ANYTHING. It’s sweet.

Here’s some photos of the Particle Party Necklaces that I hand-painted with acrylic paint, sprayed with a matte varnish, and strung onto a really long black cord, complete with lobster claw closure. Your girlfriend definitely doesn’t already have one.

When I was making these I was inspired by the 1980’s, Janine from Ghostbusters style, and Summer. They’re bright and sunny even when it’s cold and horrid outside.

Take a look! And don’t forget that when you buy 2 prints in my etsy shop you’ll get your choice of FREE greeting card – just add a comment to your order and let me know which one.


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