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New Valentine’s Day Cards!

Love it or hate it, there’s only a few weeks left before Valentine’s Day! Personally, I really love the colour combo of pink and red, despite the bad rap that it got it the 1990’s. To prove my point I’ve curated some images:

pink and red louboutin shoes

what i wore style blog pink and red

Link image source here.

lauren berger pink and red

Link image source here.

pink and red etsy necklace

Buy the necklace on etsy here.

pink and red typography print from society 6 by Cat Coquillette

Buy the print from Society 6 here.

for like ever poster print

Buy the poster here.

As for actual Valentine’s Day, I don’t take it too seriously, just a good excuse for a little gift of appreciation, some chocolate and wine. When I was single I didn’t care about it, either, buy yourself something that you want. It seems like life doesn’t offer enough excuses to be nice to yourself so you should just find reasons.

Anyways, with all this said I wanted to announce some new Valentine’s Day cards I’ve made! They’re pretty cute, I think. I’ve also decided to GIVE THEM AWAY FOR FREE – if you purchase two prints from my etsy shop, you can choose one free Valentine’s greeting card! (just add a message saying which one you would like) They’re a European size Bar 4 (they’re petite), and come with an nice coloured (moss green & mudstone grey) envelope, and a gold heart sticker to seal the envelope shut. Here are a few pics, but visit my shop for all the listings. Also if you’re feeling especially kind I always appreciate if you Pin it, Facebook it, Twitter it, or share it with your friends.

Thanks for looking!

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