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Yes, I Can Hear You, Clem Fandango

Anyone else out there love the show Toast of London starring Matt Berry? I wish it aired in North America, but it doesn’t have any Marvel characters, so why would you show it on tv, really? Anyways, you don’t want to get me raging against the machine (North American tv) right now, or maybe ever.

Toast of London Matt Berry

If you haven’t seen it and you like funny things, I would recommend trying to find it on the internet. It even has one episode with another British comedian favourite Matthew Holness (you might remember this due from the also amazing show Dark Place). I couldn’t find an image of Matthew Holness on Toast of London, probably because the part he was on was about 1000 times too short, but here’s a pic of both Matt & Matthew from Dark Place:

matt berry matthew holness

So I’ve created a couple of prints / mugs for fellow fans, they’re only available on my Society 6 account because if I sell any I imagine they will be in the UK and neither I or the customer wants to pay those shipping fees. Here’s the work! And until January 11 there’s free worldwide shipping for my account (some products aren’t included) if you use this link. Enjoy!

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