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Home is where the Dog is


Hope everyone out there is enjoying the holiday season so far. Myself, it has been more harried than I like, but it keeps it exciting! Hope I didn’t forget anyone on my Christmas list or their gift will be an interpretive dance, and that would be as bad as it sounds.

With all the hub-bub around the holidays I’ve squeezed in some time to make a new print. This one is extra special because 1) I love dogs (so so so much more than people) and 2) I’m donating the money raised to my good friend who had to get emergency surgery on her beautiful puppy. His name is Tobyn and he’s incredibly sweet and gentle. My friend is a student so it’s especially hard for her right now during the holidays with a huge vet bill. Until the government lets us childless spinsters declare vet bills on our income tax it’s a struggle to pay the bills that inevitably come from owning a dog, stupid dogs are especially vulnerable to large vet bills (sorry Gomez).

Here’s a photo of Gomez, the smelliest potato, because I haven’t posted a photo of him in a while. And there’s also a photo of Tobyn the gorgeous Great Dane (the prints main colours are inspired by Tobyn’s blue-grey coat).

gomez the pomeranian Tobyn the great dane

If you’d like to help Tobyn out you can donate money here. Or you can purchase the print below from my etsy shop and I’ll donate the money to Tobyn’s fund.

Thanks on behalf of Tobyn, Tobyn’s mom, and me šŸ™‚

home is where the dog is printhome is where the dog is print

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