June Birthstone Print

So it’s been a few weeks since I got to do a birthstone print. Honestly unless it’s the weekend there isn’t a lot of time to get to work on my own stuff. Especially when it’s dark, and gloomy, and cold out, it’s hard to get myself to do anything. I really want to get the birthstone prints ready to go for the 13th, though, so here’s hoping I can maybe book some time off from work to work on my own things. We’ll see what the next couple of weeks hold.

Anyways so I actually had no idea what the June birthstone is, I don’t have anyone close to me that is born in June. I think the usual is Pearl, or agate, but I’m not a big fan of pearls personally and agate doesn’t sparkle, and it’s more fun to illustrate something sparkly, so I went for Alexandrite. It’s a purpley magenta stone. It’s said to bring success, health, and money.

Have to share the Tiffany poem, also:

Who comes with summer to this earth,
And owes to June her hour of birth,
With ring of agate on her hand
Can health, wealth, and long life command.

If you’re interested in purchasing a digital download visit my Prints for Purchase page OR come to the 1st Dibs Pop-Up Shop on December 13! 

june birthstone print

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