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Getting’ Geared Up

Hello there,

I have been gearing up for the 1st Dibs Pop-Up shop happening on December 13th and am having a great time! I’ve got bath soak in 4 fragrances Relaxi Taxi (lavender), Mint Condition (chocolate mint), Flower Child (Jasmin), Juicy Fruit (grapefruit), and It’s Herbal, Man (Eucalyptus and Lavender).

I also will have something new I’m calling “Undead” candles which is me taking candles that would have been thrown away for being deformed, melting them down, and creating new candles out of them. I’m looking forward to putting those together.

I will also be selling my prints, and some Christmas/holiday gift tags, and I’ve got a few mini canvases that will be for sale as well.

You won’t be able to reserve anything, you’ll have to come to the actual event to purchase anything (aside from the prints). So make sure you join the event, invite your friends, invite your enemies, invite your cousins, all those people. The more I sell the more I’ll take park in events like this, so if you like my stuff make sure to come out!

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