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Holiday Gift Guide: Crystal edition

Hello there!

I stumbled across someone’s easy shop and I was so totally blown away with her work that I had to dedicate a blog post to her work, and others along a theme. I can’t speak for the people you know, but I can speak for myself and I would be happy to recieve crystals for christmas! I think that needs to be an advertising campaign.

Without further ado here’s a list to perhaps help you shop for someone who likes sparkly things!

rough cut aquamarine etsy xuanqirabbit

I would describe these earrings as dainty, rustic, and unique. I know writers hate the word unique, but I’m not a writer so I will use it endlessly. They’re rough cut aquamarine earrings. You could get them for someone who’s birthday is in March, or you could get them for anyone because I feel like the blue would work beautifully on anyone because it’s so subtle. It’s also nice that you wouldn’t have to wait for a special occasion to wear these. These would definitely get a lot of wear. They’re only $30 and available on etsy by Xuanqirabbit. I would recommend checking out their other listings because they’ve got some really cute listings for good prices.

How cool are these? They’re paper origami “interior decorations” can you imagine how hip a Christmas tree would look decked out in these? I love the photo of them all hanging together, it’s so beautiful. It would also be super cool to get a bunch and turn them into a mobile for a kid. Love them, love the way they look like paper gems. They’re also available through etsy by submicrocosm.

I have to do some shameless self-promotion because I’m not making all these macaronis for nobody! I’m only up to May for the birthstone prints I’m making, but if you know someone born in these months I’m pretty sure they would be overwhelmed with joy if you were to present them with a print of their birthstone. Along side of the geographic design of the gem, on a background I would describe as Grand Budapest Hotel pink, is a couple of words closely associated with the gemstone. I think it might be the perfect gift. Yes, I went there.

vintage safety pin jewellery

These are really neat, they’re vintage safety pins adorned with little gems! They’re only $9 and I would be willing to bet the person you give them to doesn’t have something like them already. You can buy them from diamentdesigns on etsy.

So these aren’t technically gems or sparkly, BUT if you know someone who is obsessed with gems they likely have a lot of jewellery. These are super cute, and are custom. You can get their name, or even a cute saying on the dish. I’m particulary fond of the milk-glass green and the blue-grey colours. They’re $30 and available through Miss Pottery on etsy.

sparkly green dog collar

Maybe your cat wants to be fancy, too. Here’s a glittery green cat collar for your fetching feline. From the Made by Cleo etsy shop. 

And lastly I’ve listed the items that inspired this blog. I seriously want everything in this shop. Her work is so beautiful, the photography is gorgeous, and the items are just magical. Take a look at some of my favs, and visit her shop for something for yourself, or your buddy or mom or whoever. I’m sure they would be thrilled to get some jewellery from this shop. It’s from Ireland and it’s called Ruby Robin Boutique on etsy.

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