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February Birthstone Print

Hello again,

I am having way too much fun on my day off. It’s 1:30pm and I’m still in my pjs, so that’s pretty great. Before I get my act together, I present the latest design which is February’s birthstone Amethyst. I really love Amethyst stones, I actually love most gems, really. I’m a big fan of sparkly, all the way back to the days when I was an 8 year old paper delivery girl and I would pick up shiny ribbon I found on the ground. I am part crow. I’m particularly fond of Amethysts because I remember going to Thunder Bay for a family reunion and going to a rock store, I’m not sure if you can have a store that’s just rocks, but I think that’s what it was. I remember there being big piles of Amethyst everywhere. My grandma really loves it, as well, maybe because she’s from Thunder Bay and it seems to be plentiful there.

Anyways, the virtues that I’ve researched about the gem are happiness & courage. I’ve also heard they guard you against evil spirits and prevent you from becoming drunk – I haven’t tested either of these claims, let me know if you have!

This print is available for digital download as well, $15 to my paypal and I’ll send you the PDF to download and print. Questions / comments? Email me kristenlourie (at)

Bye for now!

February birthstone Amethyst print
8″x10″ digital download available

February birthstone Amethyst print

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