The Craft movie quote We are the weirdos, mister
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We ARE the weirdos, mister.

Is anyone else super excited for Halloween? I can’t explain what it is about Halloween that gets me all jazzed. Maybe it started when I was a kid and had a mom who somehow miraculously was able to create the most amazing costumes – Cleopatra (probably my fav of all time), a Hershey Kiss, Harlequin (I went through a harlequin phase, it lasted way too long), Vampire (the cape was super deluxe with red¬†shiny lining). It also probably is in part to having an older brother who is 7 years older than me and loves nerdy stuff and let me and my sister watch scary movies when he would “babysit”. I use that term rather loosely considering how many teeth I lost while I was under his watch. I remember distinctly when I was about 8 watching Night of the Living Dead. We would have to change the channel frequently because it was too scary, but it’s definitely the reason I’ve loved Zombies ever since. Then there was the time when I came home for lunch and a movie about a murderous Jack in the Box was on (I can’t seem to track down what this movie was called…), what a dumb movie, but even in broad daylight, in the comfort of my house I was freaked out. There was also the obsession with Goosebumps books, and of course watching every episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? The 1990s were a creepy time.

There are so many GREAT movies for Halloween from my childhood: Beetlejuice, Nightmare before Christmas, Addams Family (1 & 2),  another favourite of mine is The Craft. It happened to come out when I was an awkward teenager and it certainly had an effect on me Рas it did with a lot of my friends now and then.

I decided to put together a little typographic 8×10 of one of my favourite Craft quotes. If you want a high res version to print (I would recommend taking it to a print shop, not risking an at home print) you can donate $15 to my paypal and let me know you want it and I will email you a copy. It comes complete with crop marks and bleed so it will go right to the edge of the frame. If you want a larger size or a custom colour email me: kristenlourie (at)


The Craft movie quote We are the weirdos, mister

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