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No Excuses… Well, Fewer Excuses…

Hello there,

It has been a long, long time since my last post which was in Spring. I always said once I got a new computer I would be able to post more since my old one was unable to do updates and there were no supported web browsers. Here I am, with a new computer! It’s so exciting. So far I’ve only really been using it as a really expensive radio, but that is about to change, hopefully.

So what’s been happening these last few months? Well summer is the best because you don’t have to wear a parka at all times, so that’s been really enjoyable. I got to visit my favourite place in the whole world, Clear Lake, again. Went for bike rides, ate ice-cream, watched old horror movies from the 1960s, all of my favourite things. Here are a couple of pics from my trips:


Work’s busy season is summer, so trying to take as much time to enjoy the nice weather while we have it is important, especially after the horrid winter we had last year.

This weekend I was lucky enough to get to visit the Etsy sale in Winnipeg. I picked up these sweet items from Danny Reede:

Dany Reede illustration Winnipeg
It doesn’t have a title, but I’m going to name him Snowbury.

Dany Reede Take Care

I’ve also had a little time to dabble in some painting myself, here’s a few of the latest. Some are available in Winnipeg at Double D’s Cheesecake. And a couple are available at Cedar House Florists & Gifts.

Anyways that should be enough for now, I’ve been having some super odd shoulder and wrist pain, so computing should be kept to a minimum on my off hours until it fixes itself.

Over and out!

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