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Newly Obsessed

It has been several months of “blaaaaaaahhhh” here in Winnipeg. The weather has been relentless and there are snowbanks in my back yard that are literally 7′ tall. It feels like they will never melt. I know I haven’t been the only one feeling this way. There’s a generally aire of sadness mixed with anger amongst most people you talk to, even the ones that are usually chipper in the face of disappointment. It has been the longest winter I can remember, and even as i write this, at the end of March, there’s a winter storm warning in effect.

So, as you can probably tell, it’s been hard to do anything more than go to work, come home, and sleep.

What’s nice about one of my favourite things (movies), is that they can, for a short while, take you away from where you are. This winter I have been going to movies even more than normal, which is already more than most.

Last night after picking up some artwork I had won at the Compendium Artists Market Fundraiser, me and a few friends went to see the latest Wes Anderson (which by the way, came to Winnipeg I think 3 weeks after it opened everywhere else) The Grand Budapest Hotel.

I’ve been a Wes Anderson fan since saw The Royal Tennenbaums in 2001. I remember making everyone I knew watch it because I loved it so much. The stories are always weird, and winding throughout different and equally unusual characters played by an eclectic cast. I think truly, it’s the sets, props, and typography that really set me over the top.

There’s really no other word to use to describe the visiuals in his movies other than “rich”, at least that I can think of. They’re like from another world, a much prettier, exciting, and interesting world.

Anyways, this is way more words than a graphic designer should ever write, so i’ll get on with it. You should stop what you’re doing and go see this movie, it is absolutely wonderful – I can’t wait to see it again. Sigh!

On that note, here are some things I found online that can make your real life seem a little more whimsical in the style of the Grand Budapest Hotel.

grand budapest hotel keychain

I need this, immediately. I also need to find someone to make me one of these amazing looking pastries. Available at Sweet Stella.

grand budapest hotel lobby boy pin

Zero is such an adorable character, he also makes a lovely pin. Available from happy rose on etsy.

grand budapest hotel lobby boy cap

Hello halloween costume! Or maybe you could use it to sneak into hotels around town and be exceptionally helpful to patrons? From Wes Anderson Shop.

grand budapest hotel society of crossed keys pin

Part secret society, part unassuming lapel pin. From Wes Anderson Shop. 

grand budapest hotel panache perfume

I’m very curious as to what L’Air de Panache cologne smells like… I’m assuming musky and floral and very strong. Bottle available through Wes Anderson Shop.

grand budapest hotel dimitri

It’s impossible to pick a favourite actor from this movie since they were all PERFECT. Adrian Brody was wonderful as Dimitri. Now you can enjoy his face all the time through the magic of prints! available through Heather Buchanan.

grand budapest hotel mendls bag

And how could this list be complete without something from Mendl’s? Also through Wes Anderson Shop.


2 thoughts on “Newly Obsessed”

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Zero brooch, Kristen! You’ve also introduced me to some other awesome Etsy sellers too, thank you! You have a lovely blog here!

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