Monty Python Silly Walks greeting card
A few of my favourite things

Have You Nerd?

Some purely nerdy picks that I don’t know how I’m living without:

middle earth scarf
Next time you simply need to walk into Mordor you’ll know the way in with the help of this Middle Earth infinity scarf from Nerd Alert Creations on Etsy.


I used to own this kilt pin for about 2 days, then it fell off my coat. Despite that fact I would want another Gordon clan kilt pin, because swords. From The Kilt Store.

monty python silly walks card

This amazing Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks greeting card by Paradise Papercraft on etsy.


Ouija board coasters to make your coffee tables uncomfortable. From Hx5Design on etsy.

custom coloured arrows

Now you can pretend to be Legolas or Katniss at home and in style with custom coloured arrows from Fletcher and Fox on etsy.

mortal kombat sub zero beleclava

Take waiting for the bus in the winter to a whole different level with the Mortal Kombat knitted balaclava. Obviously this would be better if it was yellow a la Scorpion, but you can custom order them from Sunfashion on etsy.

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