A Fotress surrenders from within proverb designed by Kristen Lourie
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Very Pinteresting


In the same capacity that I love magazines (namely Lucky Magazine, Domino Magazine, and occasionally Glamour and InStyle). The quality of pins may not be as consistent as these magazine, but the fact that I can get them all – for free – in one place, whilst in my pajamas is pretty fantastic. Lunch breaks, boring bus rides, frequent commercial breaks during British detective shows, it’s all filled with the joy of looking at lovely things. (Shout out to Mrs. Lilien for being one of the people who fills my screen with glamour, delicious drinks, and humour.)

Where am I going with this? Pinterest is also a great place to find lots of inspirational quotes. And I realize that some people find them lame, but even when I was a kid I remember reading through a quote book in a book store and feeling comforted by other people’s wisdom. So mix that reassuring feeling with design and it’s a pretty great combo.

Something I’m going to try to do (on my lunch breaks at work, since my computer is still a Commadore 64) is find good quotes that need a redesign. I’m not promising to do this frequently because I don’t want to disappoint, but when I feel the need to do something creative and I have a good quote I’ll have at ‘er.

The first quote I picked was from Pinterest. I tend to like quotes that remind you to be strong, also why I have a tattoo that says “La Adelita” be strong and couregous. I don’t think I could be described as either of these things, but maybe that’s why I like the reminder.

A fortress surrenders from within

My design is below:


Feel free to pin away!

If you want a copy to print I have a 8″x10″ pdf that can be purchased to print, all you need to do is donate $5 to my PayPal account (located on the right of the screen), with your email address and I can email you the high resolution file. The high res file doesn’t have my website on it. If you like the design by want to change the colours I can make a special copy for you for $10, just indicate the colours CMYK in the message with the PayPal donation.

Also some tips on printing from a lady who knows – probably not a good idea to print it on your home printer, or on regular paper. I would take it to a print shop (Staples, UPS, etc.) ask to have it printed on a thicker stock of paper, on the highest quality print setting. You could have it printed at a photo place as well, but keep in mind that the colours will be probably quite dramatically off. And, to be honest, what you see on screen is usually not what you will get in the print. This is the reason Pantones exist, which I don’t want to have to explain ever again in my lifetime (I’ve been explaining it for a while). Anyways, if you’re cool with a colour that might be a bit different then you’ll be happy.

Questions? Suggestions on the next quote? Comment me!

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