Happy (late) Holidays!

Missed it by *that* much.

Hope everyone has had a widely enjoyable holiday whether that included time off, overeating, sleeping in, or maybe you had to work (sorry, I’m one of those jerks that goes to movies on holidays).

I had 2 weeks off from ye olde place where the money comes from. It was really wonderful. The first bit was spent panicking about presents and trying to sort my shit out, but after I made it to my home planet of Brandon, Manitoba I was able to take it real easy.

I don’t know how many of you have the luxury of being emotionally close with your parents and have them live close, but far enough away that it’s worth staying a while, but hot dog did I ever have a great time. I basically was born to be retired. I love takin’ it easy. I’m positive this isn’t unique. But given my usual state of constant stress (a lot of it I admittedly put on myself) it’s a rare occurence where I can just sit and relax.

What did I do with 2 weeks off? Well.

I watched some Supermarket Sweep, Happy Endings on Netflix, Futurama on Netflix, watched all 3 Lord of the Rings movies, as well as watched the two currently released Hobbit movies – go see them if you haven’t already! (I rekindled my fan-girl romance with Legolas, elf has legs for days).

legolas hobbit
I don’t even care how nerdy this is

I also got to go see Keanu Reeve’s new movie 47 Ronin. WHICH I get a large number of people would probably sneer at it, because Keanu Reeves is a samurai. But if you liked Constantine, you would like 47 Ronin. I’m pretty sure I’ve thought that statement out enough for it to be accurate. On another note being a samurai totally sucked, you’ll understand if you see the movie.

keanu reeves 47 ronin

I also tried some calligraphy, because it’s so pretty! But I’m absolutely horrible at it, so that gives me something to practice for 2014.

Anyways just like every post I do, I say I will try to post more. We’ll see what happens this year as far as free time and stress etc. Also I never did get that new computer, so it’s like working on a ticking time bomb.

I’ll also try to post something about the Golden Globes that’s this coming weekend! It’s my favourite award show because the clothes are a little more exciting and the hosts are better.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and happy 2014! Here’s a little typography / life inspiration to start off the new year:

Credit: Unraveled Design

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