A few of my favourite things

Quick Picks

Here’s some random stuff that you might like.


Polymer clay and leather necklace. Don’t the little red beads remind you of those berries that appear on trees this time of year that you used to squish by the bundle as a kid and make a horrible mess of your shoes?

gold pillow nine space

This colour combo is not something I would put together instinctively, but it is so pretty! Pillow from Nine Space.

deborah lippmann luftballoons

From Deborah Lippmann, which is one of the fanciest nailpolishes you can buy, in my opinion. Available at Sephora, this colour is called Luftballoons and I just put it on. It looks like a child’s birthday party on your nails, and it’s amazing.

wild thing sweat shirt forever 21

This sweatshirts has it all. I have a love hate relationship with Forever 21, if you want to wear something 3 times and are ok with it falling apart after and don’t mind wearing things that are made out of the worst material ever then shopping there is a great idea. I wish that I could take some of the cute things out of there and pay twice as much to have a decent item of clothing. Especially when it comes to an amazing sweater with a tiger on it. I’m going to wear it forever, probably every weekend, it’s something that I would invest in. Ahh well.

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