A few of my favourite things

D’Orsay shoes

Are my new favourites. I’ve been noticing them popping up on Pinterest more and more, but have been having a really hard time finding them. Apparently the shoe was named after Count Alfred d’Orsay and have cut outs close to the base of the shoe that were originally purposed to fit people with wide feet. Now you know! What they’re used for now is being super cute and apparently hard to find. I have a feeling they’ll be everywhere soon.


Check out these beauties at Urban Outfitters in gold! The looks like they might do some damage to your heel, but it would be totally worth it.


They’re also really pretty in this striped fabric and are only $36 from Ruche.


I love this colour combo of a camel and ivory from Jenni Kayne. Once you win the lottery $815 for a pair of shoes won’t seem like much, so just… wait…until then.


Suede & sunshine yellow are a lovely combo. These are Jeffery Campbell from Urban Outfitters.

d'orsay flat mint

This lovely pair comes from Need Supply and are only $38!

Refernce, sylist.co.uk

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