Vacation’s Over!

It’s amazing how quickly the time spent on vacation speeds by faster than a Winnipegger to a discount.

I had a beautiful week off, spent doing the things I love to do, watching tv game shows (namely Family Feud, and Supermarket Sweep), eating delicious food I didn’t have to prepare (one of the joys associated with vacationing with your mom), playing games, watching vintage horror films, riding a bike everywhere, playing pool, and generally just relaxing. The hardest part about being on vacation is knowing that it’s fleeting. I’m lucky enough to have a Grandma who has a cabin at Clear Lake, Manitoba (technically I think it’s considered Riding Mountain National Park) but I’m not sure, regardless, it’s a utopia out there. Trees, sunshine*, clean air, animals**, nature, and a few really great restaurants.

*sunshine not available while Kristen is on vacation.
** I saw a bear… no kidding

It’s pretty amazing to see how fun life can be when it’s simplified, I have no cell reception out there, so there are things that I missed, but nothing really important. It’s too bad that we only get to spend a small amount of time doing the things that really make us happy, but I suppose that’s life. I guess the key is to try to work some of those things that you don’t have time for into every day. Here’s to more bike riding, wine, sitting around outside and having fun! 😉


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