the Wish List

The Wish List: May 2013

May has been a bit of an odd month; work has been crazy, trying to get anything accomplished has been like running in sand, the weather has gone from cold to hot to rainy and miserable. May is one of those months that can either be fantastic or a drag. So far this May has been a disappointment, but on the bright side, June is quickly approaching and maybe things will look a little better.

The Wish List May 2013 Edition:

1. Sunshine and warmness


I will be playing the part of the happy lady standing on a stool and Leonardo Dicaprio can play the guy manning the BBQ. I could seriously use some nice weather, paired with some time off. I’m starting to turn into a crazy person, like I’m always on edge, moments away from Hannibal.

2. Pimms Limited Edition – Blackberry & Elderflower


I’m going to seriously lose my shit if I don’t get to try this. The greatness of living in Canada is an endless list of joys, however when it comes to liquor we get shafted. AND when it comes to limited edition stuff we usually don’t get it because Mr. Harpers all “nooooo Canada’s not allowed fun things” Example.

3. Record Play Speakers & Sam Cooke LPs

1970_record_player_dome sam_cooke_lp

I already have the badass record player, similar to shown, but what I don’t have is working speakers. I could break them worse, but I certainly couldn’t fix them. Nor am I equipped with the knowledge of where such speakers could be fixed. The second part of this is a Sam Cooke LP, I would play it so much at my beach BBQ people would be like, “Can’t you play anything else?” and I’ll look at them, dead in the eyes, and say “No.”

4. Crystal Necklaces


I’m going through a space and crystals phase, similar to the one I went through in grade 6. It turns out people don’t change, they just go through phases…like the MOON. These particular beauties are from Moonthangs.

5. Task lamp

restoration hardware sputnik tablelamp

My desk is a little dark, so brightening it up with this lamp from Restoration Hardware would be ideal.

6. Stargazing Nailpolish

paradise_nailpolish_picture_polish lets_go_crazy_deborah_lippmannpolka.com_opi_nailpolish

Why not have a solar system on your fingers? From Nail Polish Canada.

7. Fjall Raven Backpack


It’s super utilitarian looking and the logo is a curled up fox! Awwwwwwww! I don’t know what’s more difficult, picking a colour or paying $75.00 for a backpack…

8. Zodiac Necklace


This is the constellation for Sagittarius, the coolest Zodiac sign. It’s science. Zodiac symbols are pretty and everything, but this necklace gets bonus points for being extra nerdy. From eriadesignsjewelry.

9. Toms Shoes


I haven’t obliterated a pair of Toms lately, so I think I will stray from my usual red and try out this snazzy black and white pattern.

10. Stereo with Dock


I currently have a cable that plugs into my iPhone to play music from it. My iPhone is in a case, and the plug doesn’t work when it’s in a case because the the plug is too big. I would love to have a stereo that i could plug my iPhone in without removing its case. I’m not sure if this one is the solution, but it’s cute, it’s listed as a “boombox” and it’s from, of all places, Walmart.

11. A print of “Nebula” by Jeddeka


Soooo beautiful. Obviously its digital art, which seems to be a hurdle for some people, but the way I see it art is art. People ragging on something for being shopped (except if it’s a ladies body, making it perfect) is lame, it’s just a new type of art. You’ll get used to it. This is by someone named Jeddaka.

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