DIY Valentines with a Free Printable Template

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Last year I made some DIY Valentine’s cards with a printable template that included a space to put a sucker. You can view it here. This year I decided to make things a little more fancy (aka complicated). The valentines are pretty easy to make and aren’t going to cost a lot to make. The best part is you don’t have to make the awkward decisions of who out of your friends/coworkers get the slightly stalkerish valentines in the pack (you know what I’m talking about).

Here’s what you’ll need:

– A computer
– A printer with ink (am I the only one who is always running out of ink? I swear the cartridges print like 4 sheets)
– Light coloured cardstock
– Cutting mat
– X-acto knife or box cutter (make sure it’s sharp)
– Metal ruler
– Stapler
– Washi tape (coloured tape, can be bought at craft supply stores)
– Small candies (I used cinnamon hearts, not my favourite, but they’re cute)
– 2″ square ziploc bags (can be found in craft supply stores or at your local drug-dealers hideout)
– Friends

1. First thing you’ll need to do is download the PDF template here: DIY_valentine_2013_kristenlourie The PDF template is openable in Acrobat Reader, which is free to download if you don’t have it.

2. Load your light coloured cardstock into your printer.

3. Print the PDF. When in the print menu change the paper to “cardstock” if your printer has that setting, I had to use “Other specialty paper” since mine didn’t. Make the print quality as high as you can. Make sure the print settings aren’t on “Shrink to fit paper size” you want to print the template at 100% or all the measurements will be off.


Printing at home means not having to change out of your pjamas
Printing at home means not having to change out of your pjamas

4. Line up your ruler with the dotted lines and score the paper on your cutting mat. (The non-dotted lines are the cut lines). To score the paper use the other side (non-sharp side) of your box cutter. Press lightly enough that you can see a line, but not so hard that it’s very indented, it’s a fine line between not helping you fold and cutting through the paper.

DIY_VAlentine_scoring DIY_Valentine_scoring_2

5. Cut the Valentine’s on the cut lines (these are the non-dotted lines). Make sure your knife is sharp and be careful. Make sure you’re using your cutting mat or you’re going to destroy your furniture.

Respect the box cutter and all it's sharpness.
Respect the box cutter and all it’s sharpness.


6. Write the names of your friends/coworkers/boyfriend/girlfriend/sister wives/celebrity crushes on the “to” line. Put your name on the “from” line. A variation to this is putting someone elses name and seeing the hilarious confusion that ensues.

7. Fold the paper where you scored it.


8. Get your tiny plastic bag and bag of candies ready. Pour cinnamon hearts (or other candy) into ziploc bag. The less you handle the candies the more appreciative your friends will be.

2inch_square_bag DIY_Valentine_bag_of_candy

9. Line up your tiny bag with the inside of the front of your paper Valentine. Staple the bag to the front of the package. Make the folded part of the staple on the inside of the Valentine so it doesn’t look crappy.


10. Fold the little flap over the staple. Tape the flap.







Thank you to Sad Monkey Design who I downloaded the watercolour texture from. Normally I make my own, but I decided the less I have to make my ghetto computer to do the better.

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