Golden Globes 2013 Round-Up!

Hello! Did you all enjoy last nights awards? Me too! For starters Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did an amazing job, so funny. Also Kristen Wiig & Will Ferrell were hilarious! Jodie Fosters acceptance speech was really long and confusing. And yes, I find Anne Hathaway annoying, too! So basically the same as what everyone else is saying.

Congrats to Christoph Waltz, he’s the only one that was allowed to beat Leo for Best Supporting Actor, although I think Leo was due for an award, I’ll let it slide.

Here’s the important stuff! Where I tell you my super valid and important view on what people wore. Strap yourself in for madness because there was a lot of it!


Let’s start with a nice one. Kerry Washington looked so pretty last night. I loved her hair, simple yet classy. Her dress was so beautifully tailored and looked perfect on her. There was a lot of glitz, but because it was a nude colour it looked beautiful and not overdone.


Photo cred here.

Here’s another nice one. It doesn’t hurt that Rosario Dawson is stunning and that she would probably look amazing in a burlap sack, but I love this dress. I saw on a show tonight that she was listed one of the worst dressed, I disagree. I think the colour looks beautiful on her, I love the shape of the dress, it’s simple yet exciting because of it’s interesting colour. Now having said that…


Here’s another light blue colour. I like the colour! Do I like it on Jessica Chastain? No. Do I like the shape of this dress? No. So I like her hair? No. Somehow the woman in the background stole my thoughts and while walking by made that face. What was she thinking?! The lighting must have been way different where she tried on that dress because wow. This actress seems like a nice lady, I guess, but everything is wrong here. It was a big night for her, too bad her dress made it look like her boobs are part of her stomach.


This dress is pretty but there is way too much chest happening. Right? Normally I wouldn’t even bother posting a photo of her because she’s not important (sorry?) but when I saw this dress I was like “damn that’s allota chest.” Less is more. Photo cred here.


At first when I saw Lucy Lui in this dress I was was like “what the crap?”. And then I was like “what…the. crap?” Aka I liked it. What a crazy dress! I like it, I think she pulls it off and it was so different from what everyone else was wearing I was just so happy to see something daring that worked. Good job, Lucy Lui. Photo cred here.



photo cred here.


He’s still got it! Photo cred here.


Drum roll please! Naomi Watts you are my MOST FAV! of the night. She’s stunning. The dress is perfect, it makes baby angels cry tears of happiness. It’s just perfect. It’s gorgeous and it’s just breath-taking on her. I love it. It’s safe, granted, it’s not a wild colour, it’s not doing anything crazy, it doesn’t have a gold shoulder and neck piece BUT it doesn’t need too, it’s just beautiful. Photo cred here.


Oh ya, did you see Leo? He didn’t win any awards, because Christoph Waltz stole them, but what he lacked in award-winning he made up for in swoony dreaminess. Photo cred here. While I’m on the Leo note I saw this photo posted on Buzzfeed, it’s an instagram photo of Leonardo Dicaprio, can you imagine getting to instagram him? Me too. All he’s missing is a pomeranian.


Photo cred here.

I guess other than those things there wasn’t too much else. Claire Danes wore a red dress, Zooey Deschenel wore a red dress, Jennifer Hudson wore a red dress, Marion Cotillard wore a red dress, Jennifer Garner wore a red dress, basically it was a Pantone book but mostly just a red page. Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez wore very tight revealing dresses in an attempt to stay relevant, so same ol story there. And that was about it!

See you here for the Oscars, unless they’re boring in which case I will skip it!

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