Goal # 1 of 2013

So here is my first “goal” – not RESOLUTION.

1. Buy a new computer.
So by now, if you’ve been following my blog, you know that I have a computer that looks like this:

"dum dee dum dum"
“dum dee dum dum”

Which makes it painful to do anything. It’s an emac, and I love it, and it’s been a good friend for like 9 years, but it won’t update anymore. And the CD drive hasn’t worked for like 5 years. And one of these days I know it will crash and I’ll lose a bunch of information and I’ll be very very sad. The problem is that I will only use Macs, don’t get me started on the rant, if you think that a PC is acceptable then there’s no hope for you. Needing a Mac isn’t really a problem, I guess, if you’re made of money. Which I am not. I have been talked into a Mac Mini by my boyfriend which is only $600 + the cost of a monitor. I already have a nice keyboard, and with the money saved I could buy a magic mouse, which are amazing and would bring me much joy.

So this is goal number 1, achievable? I hope so. Let’s DO THIS 2013!

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