Milly Pom candles

Milly Pom Available at The Forks!

Hello all!

I have some good news! Milly Pom candles will be available at the new store at The Forks called Generation Green. These candles will be soy wax, reusing existing vessels (as always – such as old glasses and candy dishes) and will be scented using 100% essential oils. The numbers are limited, because I have a day job and the candle business, although fun, isn’t lucrative. So get down to The Forks while they’re available!

I also have a new a crazy idea to tell you about. I plan on making candles out of the remnants of old candles. So instead of the wax getting thrown away it’s going to be reused! I haven’t made a candle using remnant wax yet, but I’ll keep you posted. The difference with these candles is that the wax is going to be from mixed sources, so it won’t likely be soy wax. And the scent of the original candle might still be lingering, but I think it’ll be a good way to bring new life to something that was going to be tossed. I even have a name for them, B-52 Candles. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting when they’re done (in the new year I’m imagining).
As usual email me if you have any questions, thanks!

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