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Birthday List!

Here is my birthday list for all y’all who will be buying me lovely gifts for my champagne birthday! Thank you Thank you Thank you in advance.

Diana Mini & Flash Coral Fusion camera. Because A) It’s coral B) I can take photos of Gomez. C) It’s coral. Available here.

Rifle Paper Co. (my fav stationery company) 2013 Calendar. Look! Paris! I been der. I’ve seen this available at Chapters but also from the Rifle website.

This print called “Visitor” by Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo available at Society 6. First off, love Society 6, it’s my favourite. If I could get my PayPal to work effectively I would have a house full of prints from them. I’ve mentioned this artist before, he has an amazing name, and I love love love his work. I wasn’t even sure which one I would pick of his prints. They’re all amazing. This one I especially liked because it seems pretty normal aside from the glowing eyes behind the glasses, just a hint of creepiness.

If this necklace could talk it’d be like “Hey lookit me I’m a huge blingy necklace” and I would say “yes, please.” from J.Crew.

I like this colour, it reminds me of a marble or a lizard or something. From Sephora.


Mellby chair from Ikea. If fact I want two. I want them in a pale grey/blue room with black curtains. Think about it.

This is not a pipe tealight holder by Jonathan Adler. Cute as a knick knack, extra cute if you get the reference.

Tangelo & Behold shoes from Modcloth. Wouldn’t think look nice with a grey shirt white shirt and black cardigan? Yes, I agree.

I think if I got all these things, a new computer, Rebel T41, and a shopping spree at Ikea I would be satisfied. And maybe a trip to somewhere tropical where I don’t move and I lay in the sun drinking margaritas.

Get shoppin’ xo

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