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Mustard Scandi Style Flowers

Today I had some time to work on a painting. I had many other things I should have been doing instead, but I chose to paint instead of spending the entire weekend cleaning like last weekend.

I actually got 2 paintings done this weekend, today I’ll show you the scandi style mustard yellow flowers and tomorrow the Winter Roses. Or if you’re really too excited to wait you can visit my facebook page (the link to this page is on the right hand side of the window.)

This scandinavian inspired design was drawn up at the same time as the original scandi style flower painting i did that was grey/red from a couple of years ago, which I’m happy to say is sold.

Scandinavian inspired flower painting by Kristen Lourie Winnipeg Artist

So anyways this one was drawn up at the same time as this one, with the intention of painting it not far after, but I didn’t feel like painting it, so it sat waiting, until now. Here is the new painting in all it’s glory, also 12″ square available for $70. If you’re interested in purchasing it (from Winnipeg or Brandon, I don’t ship paintings) send me an email

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