Back from France!

Bonjour!… is about all I know in French. France was fun! aside from the cold rain and getting sick while there. I ate a lifetime’s worth of bread and cheese and got to experience what a big family celebration is over there. A good time was had by all.

Now that I’m back I feel like my work is cut out for me. All the things I’ve been sort of putting off I no longer have an excuse to put off. Such as trying to organize/clean the basement bedroom, possible trying to make it into a useable space (probably going to take at least 2 weekends to get to that point, not including flooring.) there’s also all those other little organizing tasks that you could spend every waking moment trying to complete and probably never seen the end of (boxes and boxes and boxes of shoes for example). I AM excited for the opening of Ikea which will be happening the day before my birthday (Happy Birthday to me!) so it would be nice to get a bunch of stuff like curtains and a new bedspread and bookshelf and crap like that. I guess ’tis the season to get your shit together. Or maybe not? Christmas is sneaking up slowly, isn’t it. Usually nothing gets done then. I also had dreams of designing/printing a calendar, I’m sort of thinking having the time to do that is not on the agenda. Saving up for a new computer is on there. Designing/printing some cards was on there, too. And painting that painting for my brother and his wife. Oh, and making more bath soak….

One thing I did get done is finally updating my timeline pic for my art page! Check it:

Doing anything on my computer reminds me of how badly I need a new computer. Sweet god, opening two programs takes like 5 minutes, it’s horrible. On the bright side I bet I could sell it to a museum soon as an artifact.

Anyways, speaking of Birthdays it’s Leonardo Dicaprio’s birthday!!! Yay for him. I hope he’s somewhere eating cake in a nice suit. He probably is. Buzzfeed is celebrating by posting about his hair. I’m going celebrate by posting this photo of his face. sigh.

Hmm and what else is going on. It snowed like a foot yesterday, so that kind of sucked.

That’s all I can think of at the moment, next post will be a selection of items y’all can buy me for my birthday (November 29, mark that in your day planners).

Adios Amigos and they say in Paris!

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