STOP making people blonde!

There appears to be an epidemic of dying people’s hair blonde in movies and I’ve had ENOUGH. Stop, just stop. If the persons hair isn’t naturally close to blonde, just don’t do it. Here are some of the worst offenders:

“If we dye his eyebrows blonde it’ll look natural.”
It is REALLY HARD to make Tom Hardy look bad, but here we are. Slow clap.
All the British ladies love Benedict, but blonde is not becoming
Her hair looks so wig like in Mean Girls. I can’t explain it. She looks good with blonde hair normally? It’s so distracting
Vampire #1 from Twilight
Vampire #2 from Twilight
Vampire #3 from Twilight (this guy was my favourite. What was his deal??)

Before you even give me a hard time for watching Twilight understand that I love bad movies. Remember the baseball scene? Hilarious.

Now THIS is a natural blonde. Movie stylist take note.

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