Inception 2

So Inception is one of the best movies ever made. Right? Yes. If you disagree then you are wrong. In case you haven’t seen Inception do so. In case you forget how awesome it is, here is the trailer:

So obviously creating a movie based on Inception and calling it Inception 2 is pretty stupid, but I think it’s necessary. I’m toying with some ideas and here’s what I have so far:

Leonardo Dicaprio is back for Inception 2 and he wears a similar outfit to what’s shown
Leo has to wear this cute snowsuit again
Joseph Gordon Levitt is cast again and will also wear a suit.
yay! suits and guns! Inception 2 will also have this.
Will Tom Hardy be back? Yes.
Tom Hardy is happy, he almost thought he wasn’t going to be cast. Well, you are.
There’s probably going to be a lot of scenes where talking amonst these three happens. Probably discussing dreams or something?
You two are also back.
Basically the whole cast is back and it’s gonna be great.

I would love to hear someone think up story lines for Inception 2, let’s make this thing happen. For those who think I’ve finally crossed the totally-crazy line, you are correct. Next fan-fiction…

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