Things I Learned in Minneapolis

Aside from all the important things I actually learned while being at a work conference I think I learned a lot about life. I’ll share a few of the highlights here:

1. People from Minnesota REALLY LIKE FOOTBALL.

2. Decorating your hotel in an Art Deco inspired theme in the 1980’s isn’t a really good long-term investment

3. If your phone doesn’t work in a different countries getting separated from the group can get really scary really fast.

4. People from the south call all soda “coke”

5. The Mayor of Duluth looks like Edward Norton and is super cool

Duluth MN Mayor
You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake.

6. Having cool glasses will make you connect with other people with cool glasses. You will probably become instant friends.

7. There is a restaurant in the Warehouse district of Minneapolis called Bar La Grassa that is super incredibly delicious. If you go there, try the Gnocchi-it is probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

(Photo from their website)

8. When you get to the Mary Tyler Moore statue this photo must be taken. Featuring Kate Durio @shakesompears

She just might make it after allllllll

9. Being a strick vegetarian with a reception featuring small hor d’ oeuvers and free wine = 

10. Target is the best. For a designer meeting one of the people in charge of store planning & architecture is like meeting a rock star. Get ready for gushing.

11. When someone offers you free tickets to Cirque Du Soliel you TAKE THEM.

I had an excellent time in the Mini Apple and am looking forward to returning someday! Thanks for teaching me these important lessons that will last me a life time 🙂

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