Things I would buy if I had money

Shoe Post!

There’s been a lot of movie reviews this last little while, which is good, because movies are great, but shoes are also great. Me being busy means that I dont have time to sit around an look at magazines and derp around online looking at sites that have enjoyable items such as shoes. Now I’m making time for shoes. Here’s some fun fall boots and shoes as chosen by me.

A lil heel, nice colour, cute toe. Ciel boot from Spring.

Swathe Your Step Boot from Mod Cloth

This boot reminds me of something an anime character would wear, and yet, somehow it’s a good thing. Swathe Your Step boot from Mod Cloth.

The name of this shoe does not do it justice. “Pointed cutout wedge” does not aptly suit such a fine pair of shoes. What should they be called? I don’t know. I’m tired. If you can come up with something cool please leave a comment, if I think it’s good you will recieve a high five. Pointed cutout wedge from Anthropologie.

leopard print pump

You know what I love more than a leopard print shoe? Tom Hardy. Pomeranians. Nice Typography. Ice cream. Tilt-a-whirl. Pearl Jam. But leopard print shoes are like on the list somewhere, too. Nadine shoes by Calvin Klein at The Bay.

Why do I like this shoe? I can’t even explain it. It defys all reason. It’s weird. Also kind of ugly and complicated. And what would you wear it with? I don’t know. I still like it, even if you don’t understand us. Mimosa from Brown Shoes.

Lookit how fun this shoe is! You can’t argue with tassles like that, it’s a good time! Sylvie suede smoking flats by Charles Philip from Shop Bop.

That concludes my list of shoes that are great for now. If anyone wants to purchase these shoes and send them to me I am a size 8.

Much love, Klo.

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