Movie Review

Premium Rush – Skip It..

I feel really bad saying to skip a movie. This movie was better than anything I could make. It had a little bit of a story, the acting was okay. You know. One of those.

“I’m on a bike!”

Basically what this movie is about it Joseph Gordon Levitt delivering this package and this dude trying to get him NOT to deliver a package. I’m really bad at spoiling movies, so I won’t get into it too much.

It had some funny parts, but mostly it had a lot of people being chased on bikes. I like chase scenes, they’re exciting. Think Death Proof, but instead of a car and another car it’s a bike and a car, or a bike and a bike, or a bike and a running person. There were a lot of Bikes.

Jason Gordon Levitt was pretty charming in the movie, the main girl was okay, the other characters seemed a little stereotypical. The bad guy in the movie looked a lot like Ray Liotta, was he related to him? Someone tell me I don’t want to look it up.

Basically I don’t think you should bother seeing this movie unless:
1) You’re my sister and you love Joseph Gordon Levitt
2) You really like bikes
3) You really like bike couriers
4) You want to see what Ray Liotta’s relatives might look like
5) You’re curious how money laundering works
6) You enjoy seeing people on bikes get hit by cars

…otherwise this movie might not be for you. To end this post I thought I would throw in some nice photos of Joseph Gordon Levitt. Erin, this is for you:

Joseph Gordon Levitt

I guess I better give it a rating, huh. Well it gets 4 Gomez faces out of 10



2 thoughts on “Premium Rush – Skip It..”

  1. You’re a good sister for going to this with me! I agree with your review too, plus it was seriously lacking jgl shirtless.

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