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Lawless – Watch It!

I was lucky enough to go and see Lawless a week ago with my work buddy Rose who got free tickets to the premiere. I’ve been too busy to talk about it up until now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still busy, but the Winnipeg Free Press didn’t give it the glowing review that I think it deserves.

Poster from the movie Lawless

Here’s what’s great about the movie. Everything.

“Deerrrrrr” – kristen

The acting was good, namely Tom Hardy (duh) who was the badass but at the same time funny and endearing.I am trying to look at this film abstractly and not let the fact that Tom Hardy is stunning get in the way of me reviewing this movie.

Guy Pearce Lawless

Guy Pearce is a close second, maaaaybe a little too easy to hate, I’m kind of fond of a character who isn’t just pure evil and it’s a bit more complex. But having said that by the end of the movie you absolutely loathe him, so that’s the whole point. What I might add that I was happy to see is that they did not make Guy Pearce’s character German. The bad guy is always German. His character was from Chicago, the Germany of North America (wuh?).

I’d also like to take a minute to talk about how under-rated Guy Pearce is. I’ve been a fan ever since Memento and have never understood why he’s not like the lead character in big budget movies. The dude is freaking talented.

Tom Hardy Lawless

Shia LaBouef does his best in this movie to not annoy you with the fact that he’s Shia LaBouef.

You know what WAS disappointing about this movie, though it certainly didn’t disappoint to the point of not liking it: Gary Oldman should have been in it a lot more. I got the impression from the trailers that he was going to be a main character, he’s really on screen for about 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes are pretty awesome in true Gary Oldman style, but it’s kind of like when you have to share a cupcake and like it’s good, but you know there could have been more.

Gary Oldman requirement not met

Anyways, so I thought this movie was pretty flipping fantastic. there was fighting, and it was funny, and frustrating and scary and gross and things exploding and car chases and hillbillies. It was great!

It’s getting 8 Gomez faces out of 10. I recommend it, but only if you like awesome.


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