Movie Review

Vacation Movie Review: Warrior

I bought this movie 100% because it has Tom Hardy in it. It also features: other dude, Nick Nolte, and a woman.


So this movie is about Tom Hardy and how he ran away from the Army and got into UFC fighting while his alcoholic dad trained him. Little did they know that his brother was also training to be in this big UFC tournament because he lost his job because he was all beaten up because he was trying to earn money so the bank didn’t take their house. How many times have we all started fighting in parking lots to make a little extra dough. We’ve all been there, amirite?

Anyways this movie is pretty new, so I’m gonna do my best to talk about it without spoiling it a bunch. Here’s what you can expect. A lot of Tom Hardy with his shirt off being moody.

Tom Hardy, sometimes featuring a shirt

I think Tom Hardy will get an Oscar for this role. Here’s why:


‘Nuff said. You should see this movie, even if you’re not into good looking sweaty dudes with their shirts off. It is actually good. There are two major plot problems I have with this movie, but you can overlook them.

Warrior gets 9* Gomezs out of 10
*2 of the Gomezs are strictly because of the lack of shirts



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