Vacation Movie Review: They Saved Hitler’s Brain

This is one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever seen.

I know, how could it not be stupid? But. It’s really stupid. I’m not the type of person who assumes I can do things, like fix a toaster, or remember all the lyrics to a song, or run for 5 minutes. But I COULD write a better movie.

Where to start…. well let’s see. I spent a lot of the movie not knowing who any of the characters were because they all looked the same. An old man gets kidnapped, I can’t remember why, probably because he knows the antidote. Right he knows the antidote to a poison that Hitler is going to disperse that will kill all of man kind, except the nazis themselves because they will be hiding in a cave with the antidote. Just as a side note, there are no lady nazis in their plan, so….

Anyways. The old guy gets kidnapped and brought to Mexico I believe it was. His daughter and her husband go down to Mexico to find him. While they’re down there they find the old mans other daughter who is also kidnapped? but at the same time is allowed to party in a restaurant and is having a really great time.

Title should actually be they saved Hitler’s head

They, with the president of Mexico, and another dude go and find the old man in the nazi prison. One of the best lines in the movie happens at this point where the nazis are described by one of the men as “slappers of women” and “torturers of old men” which is a pretty great description of a nazi. They all get captured by the nazis for about a minute and then escape in a car only to be tracked down by one of their friends who turns out to be a nazi! what! Then that guy gets shot and they all go to the cave where the 6 nazis and hitler’s head are planning on detonating the bomb. Some fighting happens and then the nazis all die and hitlers face melts.

Hitler’s head spends a lot of time making this face

This movie is really really bad. It’s pretty funny because it’s just doesn’t make any sense and is really poorly written/acted. So it was enjoyable. It’s also great to see them try to make it look like they have more than 10 extras. Another fun thing about the movie is that the writers decided the movie would be better if every character was somehow related, not confusing at all. My suggestion is that you watch this movie and enjoy it for what it is and don’t even try to understand the story line.

They Saved Hitler’s Brain gets 6 Gomezs out of 10


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