Vacation Movie Review: Drive

So while on vacation we didn’t exclusively watch old horror movies, I brought some other good movies as well. I’ve already seen Drive, but my parents had not. My mom has pretty good taste in movies except that she hates almost everyone in Hollywood. Excluding of course, Viggo Mortesen, Clive Owen and Daniel Craig. I’ve tried explaining that they can’t be in EVERY movie, but she still asks why they aren’t in the movie regardless. She does not like Ryan Gosling, unlike most of the female populus. I like Ryan Gosling as an actor, I think he’s talented, but he doesn’t do much for me otherwise. Having said that I’ve sourced a bunch of pics of Ryan for the ladies that love him especially for this post.

So Drive. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, stop reading. Now. Everybody dies. JK. But not actually.

So Ryan Gosling plays the perfect man, quiet, helpful, fixes things, is sweet and wears a shiny coat with a scorpion on the back. Swoon.

Scorpion jacket gets alllll the honies

So he’s this super swell guy who starts hanging out with a chick with a kid. And starts taking care of the kid and basically being a great guy. The movie is real slow in the beginning. Like so slow I almost turned it off the first time I watched it. There’s virtually no dialogue, and there’s also not a ton of car chases.

Awwwww driving people places!

The chick’s husband come back from jail, gets threatened by a gang who he owes money to and ends up having to rob a pawn shop with the help of red head from Mad Men and Ryan Gosling. Then he gets shot and then the movie gets really good really quick.

Here you go ladies

Ryan Gosling gets caught up in a bunch of mob shit with Hellboy because of the robbery, then Scorpio starts killing people.

Best character ever

The end is sad, I’m not going to tell you what happens just incase you haven’t seen it, I’ve definitely ruined it for you if you haven’t, but at least not the end.

To sum it up I really liked the movie Drive. It is slow in the beginning, but it’s kind of artsy and there are some really bad ass scenes where Ryan Gosling aaalllmost makes up for all the Rom Coms he’s be in.

aaand one more

Drive gets 7 Gomezs out of 10.



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